LOVSHARE Tree Pruner 17.7ft Extendable Pole Saw with 3-Sided Blade Long Reach Pole Pruning Saw

Dull blade is considered to be one of the LOVSHARE 17.7ft Extendable Pole Sawmost dangerous things when it comes to cutting the trees. It is especially true with manual saws. A dull blade increases the chances of getting the pole saw to get bounce or gets slipped off while cutting the thick branches. Sometimes it may cause injury or blade may kick back to you.  If you are looking for pole saw to cut tall and thick branches then this saw is a perfect choice for you. 

Lovshare  17.7 ft Extendable tree Pole pruner Saw can extend to a length of 18 Feet. It has sharp cutting blades in it. That are those days when you want to cut down the tree or thick branches at a height, you can prune it with the help of ladder or any other external sources. After saw has been introduced in the market it made the work so easy and faster.

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 How to identify a dull Blade

The first indicator to notice when using the blade is, it is filled with a lot of dust. The second thing to be noticed is that it will be very difficult to handle or to use. To overcome this defect it is recommended to check the blade and pay more attention towards it to avoid injuries. If the blade is so dull then it is advisable not to use it. 


Pole saw is mainly used for trimming the trees. The blade is 4mm thickness and is made up of high carbon sk5 steel and it is sharpened with three sides for the smoothest of cut. The pruning blade is about 1mm thick which makes the pruning work so fast and easier with non-stick coating and it is easy to maintain this saw. It consists of an Adjustable Aluminum pole which is again 17.7 feet in height. So the user can prune the tree as per the convenience without climbing the ladder. The compound pulley can cut even thicker branches with less effort. 


  • Extends about 17.7 feet
  • Weight is about 7.1 Pounds
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Perfect for higher and thick Branch trees
  • Versatile Landscaping Tool and can be used in many instances
  • Excellent Value for money
  • Gives Smooth and precise cut
  • The blade thickness is about 1mm
  • Used in a wide range of Applications that includes cutting thick branches, and the aluminum pole can also be used to print the house, washing windows etc.  


  • Not advertised much in the Market
  • Expensive but worth for Quality


Lovshare Extendable Tree Pole Pruner 17.7 Feet Pole Saw has a lot of demand in the market. It is a high Graded tree pruner and is appropriate to cut tall and thick Branches. Each saw has its own specifications, Pros and Cons. But not every saw fit with your requirements. You need to choose one among them based on your needs. I Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or Queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry Form.


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