LOVSHARE Extendable Tree Pole Pruner 18 Feet Pole Saw Alloy Steel Branch Long Reach Pole Pruning Saw For Sawing and Shearing

LOVSHARE Extendable Tree Pole Pruner 18 Feet Pole SawAs for as Pole saw has been introduced in the market, people started to purchase based on the benefits they offer. There are hundreds and thousands of poles saw brands or models are available in the Market. Unlike with other pole saws, people give significant importance to manual pole saw as they are manually operated. The primary reason is that it does not consume any fuel, battery or electric costs. Pole saw is mainly used for trimming the trees. That are those days when you want to cut down the tree or thick branches at a height, you can prune it with the help of ladder or any other external sources.

After Saws has been introduced in the market it made the work so easy and faster. Though working with a pole saw is not an easy task. We have to handle it carefully in order to prevent injuries. If you are looking for pole saw to cut tall and thick branches then this saw is a perfect choice for you. Lovshare Extendable tree Pole pruner Saw can extend to a length of 18 Feet. It is mainly used for sawing and shearing the trees.

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It is made up of Aluminum Alloy telescopic poles with a minimum 1.8-5.4 m telescopic pole and 59cm length 1mm thick saw blade. The pole saw can extend up to 18 feet and it is a perfect saw for users to cut thick branches at a higher position without climbing the ladder. The main purpose of using this saw is to cut and trim tall tree branches, shrubs etc.

Lovshare Extendable tree pole pruner has four sharp cutting angles which makes the user to ensure safe clean and smooth cutting. As it is easy to hold and handle the foam grip which improves the trimming efficiency. It is used in wide range of Applications such as to cut trees in forestry Area, Park, Lawn, Backyard or Garden and other places where we need to trim the branches and leaves.


  • Extends about 18 feet
  • Weight is about 3kg(6.6lbs)
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Perfect for higher and thick Branch trees
  • Versatile Landscaping Tool and can be used in many instances
  • Excellent Value for money
  • Gives Smooth and precise cut
  • This saw is light in weight and are portable
  • Has flip Cam Locking system


  • Not advertised much in the Market
  • Expensive but worth for Quality

Safety Measures

  1. Do not use this saw near Electric power lines. Electric shock may occur
  2. Incorrect use of pole saw may cause injuries. A Safety precaution is essential for the pole saw user.


So far we have reviewed so many saw brands and models in our previous article. But Lovshare Extendable Tree Pole Pruner 18 Feet Pole Saw has a lot of demand in the market. It is a high Graded tree pruner and is appropriate to cut tall and thick Branches. Each saw has its own specifications, Pros and Cons. But not every saw fit with your requirements. You need to choose one among them based on your needs. I Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or Queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry Form.

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