Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH Dual Compound 14-ft. Tree Pruner

Corona TP 6870 Action 14-ft. Tree PrunerCorona TP 6870 14 feet tree pruner is a choice of Professionals. If you want to clean and maintain your backyard or Garden then this is a perfect choice for you. It is a lightweight tree pruner and is very easy to hold and work for longer time. It is extensively Designed to cut small and Medium tree Branches. The length of this Tree pruner can extend up to 14 feet and weighs about 6.5 Pounds. The rope is very long as it activates the cutting head so it is easy to cut tall branches at full extension.

It is considered to be a premium pole saw and has a tall limb that can fit into a cutter. If you want to prune branches or trim leaves at a short or medium height, then this saw would do a clean job for you. The Razor tooth has two holes which allow you to tune the angle of the saw with respect to the pole. And this makes a variation on the angle you are sawing from and accessibility to different limbs. It is best suited for trees that produce sap and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on its make.
Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH DualCOMPOUND Action 14-ft. Tree Pruner

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  • Corona is very precise. Can cut branches up to 1 ¼ inch in Diameter 
  • Cut small to medium size Branches
  • Weight is about 6.5 Pounds
  • It has Razor tooth Saw blade with teeth on  three sides
  • It cuts the branches twice faster than other conventional Saws
  • Pruning head with 3 cross cutting power features as a compound action pulley system and heavy duty chain drive
  • Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Pruning head with non-stick tempered steel blade cuts up to 1 ¼ inch
  • Exclusive Power glide rope pull system is used for smooth action
  • The overall length can extend up to 14 feet with twist lock adjustment
  • Comfortable 28 in Foam Grip


  • Ergonomically Design
  • Easy to Handle
  • Triple Ground impulse hardened teeth remove up to thrice more material per pull stroke
  • Chrome plated blade  reduces friction and improves Efficiency
  • SK5 Steel Blade contains Higher Carbon which means harder steel that makes the blade to stay sharper for long time
  • It has variable length
  • Replaceable Blades are attached to different handle types including D shaped, folding  and fixed with finger hook
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Not Advertised much in the Market
  • Little bit Expensive in the Market when compared with other Models


It is a high Graded tree pruner appropriate to cut small and medium Branches. If you are in a requirement of cutting branches without climbing the ladder then this is for you. Fiber-Glass poles are easy to carry as it is lighter in weight. Padding material is designed of neoprene which helps if you are sweating while working. As the rope is very long, so it is easy to cut tall branches at full extension. Blades are very sharp and it is very easy to hold and does not cause any damage to the users. This item is well worth the purchase and very usable. Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry form.   


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