Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat Professional Pole Saw

Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat Professional series Ultralight Pole Saw





Today we are going to review about a model which comes from the famous brand Silky. It is a professional series ultralight Pole Saw. It has been considered to be the best high Quality performed pole saw in the Market. Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat Ultralight Pole Saw is a new arrival model in Professional Series. If you are looking to cut higher branches then this saw is absolutely meant for you and it can reach up to 13 feet. Higher climb saw are available in a wide range but the important factor is its weight. As it is an ultralight pole saw, it weighs about 3.4 Pounds. The user won’t face any difficulty to lift or working with this pole saw. The product comes with the slogan that it is meant for professionals but it is also suitable for home use. 


Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat Professional series Ultralight Pole Saw

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Blade Sharpness is considered to be one of the most important factors for cutting higher or thick branches. The more sharp the blade is, the faster it can perform accurately. This Telescopic Pole saw comes with a Razor blade which is 13 inches. It consists of teeth with 6.5 per inch that makes the blade to perform the task super easy.


The main feature of this saw is that it is light in weight. It is the most light weight saw when compared to other saw in the market. Portability is not an issue if you get this Zubat Series Saw. The user can use any kind of attachments but it makes the saw heavy and it will increase the weight of the saw. As it is also risky when it is overloaded with many attachments. You can use this saw on palm trees which makes the cutting work so easy and faster. 


  • This Saw is a professional series pole saw but it can be used for domestic purpose also
  • The saw can extends up to 13 feet 
  • Can be used for multiple Applications such as Trimming, Forestry Area, Lawn etc
  • It is a light-weight pole saw and weighs about 3.4 Pounds
  • It has a sharp blade with length 330 mm that makes the saw to cut higher branches in a short time
  • Ergonomically Designed
  •  Limited lifetime warranty


  • Too much of saw usage makes the blade so dull
  • Not Advertised much in the market


As it is a costly product when compared with other saws in the market but it is praiseworthy too. So far we have reviewed many products and models but Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat Pole Saw is ultimately a trustable product from the famous brand Silky. Before purchasing a Saw we need to first analyze our requirement. Check with the product feature, specification and if it sets with your requirements then buy it. Because every saw does not fit with your requirement. Each saw has its own specification, pros, cons etc. Picking the right saw is not an easy task. So you need to be very specific while purchasing this type of Saw. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. In case of any Queries feel  free to contact us through our Enquiry Form.


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