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Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole SawIn recent Years, the productivity of pole saw has reached a remarkable growth. There are a wide range of pole saws available in the market  based on their Size, Shapes and Specifications. Few pole saws are extensively used for cutting hard branches. Gilmour 20-18-16 inch curved Blade Commercial Grade pole saw is one among the Best Manual Pole saw that I have got from reliable product company Gilmour. Typically it is said to be one of the best pole saws which cuts and trim the  tree branches completely.It consists of 3 extendable poles. Each Poles are Six Feet.

If you are in Garden or Backyard which can extend the branches up-to eighteen Feet high. It is not like rest of the poles  not retains the same . But Gilmour 20-18-16 inch commercial Grade pole saw is made up of fiberglass. If it is a loose branch then it will be a problem while cutting down the branches. It contains a holder which won’t get stuck with the branches when we pull it off. 

Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Pole Saw

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This Gilmour Pole saw is constructed with high graded Components. The primary portion of Blade is made up of Good manufacturing cast aluminum. Due to this head part is Specifically steady. Additionally, this pole has an active head saw and it is constructed with fiber-Glass. This type of high graded materials made the pole saw to lasts for Longer Time.


Blade is one of the Important components of Pole saw. So it really matters a lot when it comes to cutting the branches or limbs. If this type of blades are not sharp for cutting the trees or branches, it is really horrible to complete the cutting workss. Due to this, it is better to go with a sixteen curved inches blade which helps to cut the branches in whichever direction you feel comfortable. It is also available in the market with non-stick coating.

Brush Holder

Majority of the people look into additional features and specifications, Offers to buy a product. These Features are the substantial Marketing policy. In this product the 16 inch commercial high superior Quality Pole saw has got a main Specification which is nothing but a paint brush Holder. When you clean your Backyard or Garden, there will be a lot of limbs in and around so we need a brush for cleaning. This Manual Pole saw comes with a specific holder that can suit with the paint brush.

Lightweight Product

As we said before it is a commercial pole saw and we can use it daily and for heavy use. This Grade pole saw is very light in weight. This is one of the best features which allows you to control the pole saw.  This is dense when it comes to weight. The specification allows the customer to tackle the pole saw extensively. It is only 9.9lbs in weight so it is very easy to carry to lift without any difficulty.

Necessary Accessories

This is one of the Best Manual Pole saw available in the market at affordable cost. It comes with additional specifications that fits your requirements. SO there is no need to spend extra amount on purchasing this components.  As we previously mentioned in this article, that brush holder is an additional feature which makes the work so easy and fast for the customer.


  • As it has non-stick coating with sixteen inch blade so it makes the job so easy.
  • It has Holding Brush on it
  • It has 3 stretched fiberglass poles that is six feet in Height
  • The poles are Octagonal
  • The aluminium Casts stays for Longer Life Time
  • As it is easy to use on sticky Branches so that it won’t get stuck in between


Pole connectors are very slight and it’s difficult to control


In recent Days the design and Quality pays more value in customer mind. Design is said to be one of the initial part which strikes the customer mind to get converted into purchaser. This saw has a dense structure and it is a best choice for the customers. The Gilmour 20-18-16 Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw build up with superior quality and this brand is worth the price.

They have built-in features with this product. Saw head is made up of aluminium so its stands for longer duration. The pole saw is built with solid fiber glass and you can also get a nonstick curve blade which is used to cut the branches very easily and Quickly. In this price, it’s obviously a good choice to get this product.If you want to know more about the products and brands related to pole saw as well as to get the updated deals that are available on amazon check out here.

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