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Docapole 6-24 Pole Pruning SawWhen you come across pruning sort of work where hand pruner is very small to work with, Lopper won’t be too big and a chainsaw is too risky to work with, what do you pick? Only answer to this question is a Docapole 6-24 Pole pruning saw.

If you search for pruning saw, you can find one thing similar which is called as metal blade that has cutting edges in them.In similar to that, it holds with various sizes and shapes with a minimum of 6 foot folding Saws that fits in your hand which is mounted on an extended pole with one blade

All Pruning Saws serves for the same purpose that is nothing but cutting wood and trees. If you want to remove the leaves, shrubs in your backyard this pruning saw helps in order to remove, shape and cutting the edges of trees, roots and woods etc.

Here in this article, we cover all information about the pruning saw, its types and how to choose a Best manual pole saw as per your requirements.

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Which pruning saw suits you the best?

There are n number of saws available in the market. Each has different specialization. Which pruning saw suits you the best is entirely depends on your needs.

Most of the people use single general pruning saw and it will work fine for them. But for Gardeners and landscapers this won’t be sufficient to fit with their requirements. In such cases they should go with different types of saws specifically if they want to remove shrubs and long trees. Say for eg, If you want to reach a branch that is sixteen feet, you cannot use the same pruning saw. Types of pruning saws variate based on the customer requirements. Here you can find the specifications of different saw types.

Folding Hand Saws

If you think about portability then folding pruning saws are excellent choice for you. They are available at various shapes and sizes that fits with your needs and handle any type of situation. The minimal size which i come across is less than 1 foot long with long metal blade which is used in bonsai trees in complicated pruning. The largest size which I come across has blade at the edges of nineteen inches and overall height is twice of that.

In reality the size and height of the blade should match with the limbs or shrubs that you realistically predict pruning. As per my knowledge and experience the size of the metal blade length is somewhere in the range of five to seven range. I really focus on the size that fits my hands and easy to carry but still let me make myself pretty clear what i exactly needs.

I tested with various folding saws that suits with the above mentioned range

Non Folding pruning Saw

Similar to folding hand saws, non-folding pruning saw comprises with a lengthy extendable saw at one end. When compared with folding, non-folding saws are bigger and it is typically difficult to carry when it is not in use. All types of non-folding pruning saw sizes are available in the market. But picking the right type of saw is what really matters. You can cut largest diameter branches as the blade design is so sharp and it comes with definite designs like curve, straight. If your making a purchase think all that in your mind and buy as per your needs.

DocaPole 6-24 Foot Pole Pruning Saw

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Pole saw specifically points to blade either if it is a standard height or telescopic pole. It major applications is to cut high grown trees. Docapole types of Pruning saws are easy to handle and the price is comparatively low when compared with other brands

Both folding and non-folding pruning saws are available at different size, length and design in the market. Based on your requirement you have to choose the Best manual pole saw that fits with your applications. In realty all straight or curved metal have hook at the edges. This will helps the branches to pull when it got stuck.


Docapole Pruning saw are extensively designed to cut the branches and shrubs in the trees. Are you a homeowner and have a lot of leaves in your backyard and don’t know how to remove it. Then Docapole 6-24 Foot Pruning saw is made for you. Hope I covered all the information about pruning saw. If you want to know about more products and brands related to pole saw as well as to get the updated deals that are available on amazon check out here


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