Samurai Japanese curved pole saw

As trees grow large enough, cutting or trimming the branches is a challenging task. Working on a ladder with a sharp saw is not safe and is best to avoid it. So what next. Here we go with a manual pole saw. Most of the manual tree pruning is made up of fiberglass poles with one or more cutting heads. The head of the saw typically consists of a hook at the base. There are thousands of pole saw brands available in the market today. Choosing one among them as per the requirements is a difficult task. Today we are going to review a new model Samurai Japanese Curved pole saw that comes from the famous brand Samurai.

It is considered to be one of the most arborist pole saw available on the market. The Samurai saw blades are popular among the professionals and landscapers. It is manufactured in Japan with great technical features. Samurai comes with a scabbard and is a long lasting hand saw sold at best price. The blade comes with a sharp 3 sided teeth design keeping the tool stable with your non-dominant hand and is perfectly suited for the beginners.
Samurai Japanese curved pole saw

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Super sharp 3-sided teeth are impulse hardened and last longer than conventional non impulse hardened teeth. Blade tip hook to prevent the blade from being pulled out of cut. Curved blade( 350mm) with impulse hardened teeth(7 teeth per inch). Cushioned grip non-slip handle for hand saw use. It not only offers a great hand saw with the excellent performance you would expect , but with the addition of a standard circular pole it converts to a pole saw for pruning high and hard to reach branches. Simply install this saw head to your own rod, which allows you to cut tall tree branches without a ladder. The hole of the saw is suitable for fit 24mm diameter telescopic rod or handle(Not included in this listing). If your pole saw is rust/unshaped and you want to buy a new one, just simply spend a little money to replace this Samurai Pole Saw Head into your telescope’s rod.


  • 3-sided teeth design
  • Impulse hardened teeth, 7 teeth per inch
  • 350mm curved blade
  • It is a cost effective pole saw
  • Cushioned grip handle
  • Fit 24mm diameter telescopic rod (not included)
  • It is Ergonomically Designed
  • Used in a wide range of Applications such as Arborist, Lawn, Gardening etc.


Not Advertised much in the market.


Samurai Japanese curved pole saw is one among the cost effective products available in the Market. Now every manufacturing industry is coming up with low cost and less durable raw materials. Getting a good Pole Saw is really tougher and tougher these Days. Samurai Japanese Curved Pole Saw has a lot of demand in the market. If you are searching for the same sort of requirement then this is a perfect choice for you. Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or Queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry Form.

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