Jameson FG-6 PKG-1 Pole Saw Reviews

If you work with a lot of trees, you need a Good pole saw to do that job. Perhaps, your tools may get older, breakage or any damage. Whatever it may be, if you are a professional and working with pruning and trimming or if you are a homeowner and have a lot of trees in your backyard, you need a right Pole Saw to do this job. Though there are thousands of pole saw brands available in the market today. But choosing the best pole saw as per the requirement is a difficult task. Today we are going to review a new model, a long range device used for cutting tall and thick branches.

You can work with this saw without climbing the ladder or else it puts yourself at risk. Jameson FG-6PKG-1 FG-Series Manual Pole Saw is one of the Good tree pruners that comes from the famous brand Jameson. It is a perfect choice of professionals and homeowners. The main purpose of using pole saw is to reach up into trees to cut or trim the branches. But it’s very difficult to do this task unless and until you work on a professional saw. While Jameson FG-6PKG-1 FG-Series  Pole Saw do the cutting work so fast and easy. This pole saw is extensively made to clear or remove the upper branches which are very tall from the ground level.
Jameson FG-6 PKG-1 Manual Pole Saw

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The Jameson fiberglass tree pruner can reach up to a maximum range of 12 feet with a 20 feet rope. The aluminum ferrules consist of a versatile 2 pole system that gives you a smooth cut. The Hollow core fiberglass poles are close to  0.125-inch thickness. The 13-inch tri-cut saw blade is extensively designed to clean and cut the thick branches. Fixed pulley bypass pruner offers a 1-1/4-inch side cut capacity that Includes 6-foot base pole, 6-foot extension pole, pruner, saw head, pole adapter and blade


  • It has a 6-foot base pole, 6-foot extension pole, pruner, saw head, pole adapter, blade
  • Bypass pruner has a cut capacity of 1-1/4 inch side cut capacity
  • The tree pruner ensures a smooth cutting edge
  • Easy to handle 
  • Varying pole length with adjustable parts.
  • Tougher fiberglass for durability.
  • The saw attachment is long and very sharp
  • Ergonomically Designed for professionals and homeowners


  • Pole saw is heavier in weight and is weight about 10 pounds


It is one of the most effective and cheaper brands available in the market with best specifications that can make your work easy. You can adjust the pole length and it is extendable so that the user can reach the branches without climbing the ladder. If you look into amazon products many of the knocks from verified users really are about the saw itself. 

There is no need to invest a huge amount on a product that you are going to use like one or two times. Hope you get a clear information about the product Features, Specification, Pros, Cons of the Product. If you want detailed information about other product brands and models check out here. In case of any Queries, recommendations about the article reach us through our contact form. Suggestions are always welcome.

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