Jameson 18.0-ft fiberglass bypass pole pruner

Is spring coming soon? Most of the trees give you an awful look. Well, All you need is a Pole Saw. By a pruning saw you can cut all unwanted branches and dried leaves. When compared to other saws, manual saw has higher reach ability. Though you can find thousands of pole saw brands available in the market today. But choosing the best pole saw as per the requirement is a difficult task. Don’t worry. We are here to guide you to find out the best manual pole saw

Today we are going to review a product which comes from the famous brand Jameson. The Jameson 18.0-ft Fiberglass Bypass Pole Pruner is extensively designed to cut thick branches. It has a branch cutter with 3 extendable poles so the user need not have to climb up the ladder. As no electricity or Gas Cans are required to use this saw, these are very safe especially for pruning works. The best thing about manual pole saw is that the batteries are convenient. 
Jameson 18.0-ft Fiberglass Bypass Pole Pruner

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The aluminum ferrules with leaf spring locking button will give you a smooth cut. It has 6 foot 3 extension poles, so users can reach up to 18 feet. The tri-cut blade is 16 inch, that gives an efficient and cleaner cut while working on thick branches and trees.Fiberglass poles are 1.25 inch in diameter and is developed with high Quality materials whereas the non fiberglass helps to save the fiber from corrosion and ultraviolet rays.The ferrules are made by aircraft Grade Aluminum. If you have branches which are taller than 16 feet in your backyard or Garden this type of pole Saw is very easy to work as per the requirements. 


  • It has 3 extension poles with 6 feet, so it can reach a maximum height of 18 Feet
  • Bypass pruner has a cut capacity of 1-1/4 inches
  • The tree pruner ensures a smooth cutting edge
  • Easy to handle 
  • Varying pole length with adjustable parts.
  • Tougher fiberglass for durability.
  • The saw attachment is long and very sharp


  • Pole saw is heavier in weight and is weight about 12 pounds
  • Expensive pole saw but worth for money


Jameson, LLC has been producing landscaping and tree care tools since 1956. You can give a new look to your Garden with the help of Jameson 18.0-ft Fiberglass Bypass Pole Pruner . This product model delivers the trimming job faster than ever before. This saw is very lighter in weight when compared to a battery operated saw. It is a choice of professional and homeowners as it cuts smoothly with minimal resistance. These types of Manual Pole Saws can sustain for longer Duration.

Even though these three poles are different from each other, it can cut more hardest branches in the trees. Finally each saw has its own specification. But picking a pole saw mainly depends on the functionality and requirements that you have with. This buying guide will be handy on your next buy.Hope you enjoyed reading this article. In case of any queries, recommendation feel free to contact us through our inquiry form


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