Fiskars 8 foot Compact Extending Tree pruner

Fiskars 8 foot Compact Extending Tree prunerThe job of cutting and pruning the branches is a risky task. You need proper equipment to handle it. At the same time you need not have to climb up the ladder for cutting the trees. The best choice is to go with a manual pole saw. There are thousands of pole saw brands available in the market. Choosing one among them is a difficult task. Now spring season has started. So you can find a lot of leaves, cones, pines hanging and falling in your backyard or Garden. This gives an awful look to your Garden.

If you are planning to take a walk in your lawn, the dripping leaves will stick to your slippers or inside the shoes. Literally i am not a hater of nature but walking in my backyard is something i feel like travelling in a forest kind of nature. I was looking into some options to figure it out.

I am a hands-on person but still I feel awkward to work with heavy or powerful equipment that is not necessary for this project. What I am looking for is something related with Best manual pole saw.

I picked up Fiskars 8 Foot compact Extending Tree Pruner. It really does a great job and the thing which i got is beyond my expectations.


Fiskars 8 foot Compact Extending Tree pruner

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The pole saw can extend from 3 feet and it can reach a maximum height of 8 feet. If you are looking for pole saws to cut lower thick branches then this suits you the best. The blade of the saw is 12 inch. The rope free design gives you a maximum clear and safety cutting power. This pole saw has an aggressive triple ground power tooth blade that can cut wood fast and easier. This is also ideal for cutting high branches without climbing the ladder. And it has a limited lifetime warranty. It has wide range of applications that includes arborist, forestry and lawn maintenance, Park maintenance etc


    • Can reach a maximum height of 3-8 feet
    • The saw blade is 12 inch
    • Has a limited lifetime warranty
    • Weight of the pole saw is 3.65 pounds
    • The pole is made of steel for superior strength and lasting durability.
    • It is ergonomically Designed


    • Pole saw is only 8 feet

You Get What You Pay For

I tried to clear the basic features about Fiskars 8 foot Compact Extending Tree pruner and I think I have done so. If you are looking for Best manual pole saw then i suggest you to buy Fiskar. It is one of the most effective and cheaper brands available in the market with best specifications that can make your work easy and fast like you can be able to adjust the pole length and it is extendable also. If you look into amazon products many of the knocks from verified users really are about the saw itself.

I think if I make it sharp it won’t have that flexibility issue and it will stick on the tree once i start cutting it. But it really relies on the blade on how we take care of it. And also if it had a thick blade which is where many people grab their attention to fix the problem but really that would make the entire pole saw heavier. But holding a pole saw which is 8 feet with extendable makes my work easier and faster.

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