ARS Telescoping Long Reach Pruner

How do you prune the leaves, branches, shrubs trees without climbARS Telescoping Long Reach Prunering the ladder? You need an extendable pole pruner to get work done without affecting or damaging your hands or knees. Am i right? We introduce such a type of rare model that is extensively designed to cut tall tree branches. It is developed by ARS Brand, can reach long pruner without climbing the ladder. And the model is ARS LA-180ZF203 Telescoping Pruner


Typically, this pruner saw can extend up to a maximum reach of 4 to 7′ long. This helps you to reach extra height while your stay firmly on the ground level. ARS LA-180ZF203 Telescoping Pruner is professionally designed with extra durability.  It is designed with 2 types of cutting heads. One is fixed and the other one is adjustable that rotate around a fixed shaft as it is a rare user friendly Pole Saw available in the Market at this price.
ARS Telescoping Long Reach Pruner

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  • Overall Length: 6 to 10’
  • Blade Length: Razor Edge Blade for unsurpassed long lasting Sharpness
  • Weight: Light in weight(Approximately 2.2lbs)
  • Blade is made up of high carbon steel
  • End surface is furnished with Hard-chrome Plating
  • The Saw Holding is made up of Aluminum Die Casting. So it is easy to use and handle


The cutting head is made up of Razor blade for unsurpassed long lasting sharpness. It is designed with a gripping mechanism. There is a spring inside the handle that makes the blade opens when the saw is ready for use. ARS LA-180ZF203 is very safe to handle and hold because it has a rubber like coated grips that can last you to work for even hours. This saw will provide a comfortable and secured holding that reduce the heat when exposed to Sunlight.


It has hooks in it which acts as a hanger. Also, by hanging it up (when possible), this kept the blades out of the dirt that could dull them. This Saw has a Razor blade and is attached with 2 screws of Aluminum shaft. It spins about hundred degrees so it is easy to cut any pruning trees or shrubs virtually in any direction as per the user convenience. An added advantage of using this saw is that it has a protective locking system in the blade. This position is safety for transportation or when laying the pruner on the ground (to prevent dirt from dulling the blades).


  • It is ergonomically design
  • Consists of 2MM Thickness and is highly durable.
  • Versatile and can be used in many instances
  • It gives Smooth and precise cut
  • Comfortable and easy to handle
  • User friendly Saw available in the Market
  • Can Extend up to a length of 4-7’ Long
  • Easy to cut tall and thick Branches


  • Expensive but worth for Quality
  • Not Advertised much in the Market.


Choosing a Good pole saw as per your requirement is little bit difficult and tricky. As there are thousands of pole saws are available in the market. Each saw has its own specifications, Pros and Cons. But not every saw fit with your requirements. You need to choose one among them based on your needs. If you are looking for a saw to cut tall or thick branches then this is for you. Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or Queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry Form.





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