Ars 28- to 41-1/2-inch hedge shears hs-k900z

ars 28- to 41-1/2-inch hedge shears hs-k900zShears can help to clean your lawn and surroundings by cutting unwanted leaves and shrubs in the trees and garden. Picking the right shears is a challenging task for the people, a lot of us do not have any idea of purchasing the product. Here we explain you the features, Quality, Specification of right product what you should look out for.

 Qualities of the product may vary from brands to brands. While some of the products are easy to handle and may have some advanced functions as well. If you are looking for a pair of shears to cut the leaves so evenly and effectively then ars 28- to 41-1/2-inch hedge shears hs-k900z is a perfect choice for you.

 These are professionally made shears used for cutting thick, large shrubs and trees. It has a telescopic hedge with advanced technologies that makes the work so easy and faster. Also it has a good design and mechanical features for cutting tall and deep shrubs or leaves. This is a perfect choice for professional people and also for individual people to trim the shears, trees and topiaries. 


 It is a professional grade telescopic head shears used for cutting tall and large shrubs. This saw has a hard chrome plated blades to cut high branches so easy and faster. For Optimal cutting the user can go with a slightly curved blade. The overall length of this shears can extends from 28 to 41 ½ inch which is fairly long when compared with other brands of shears available in the market. It is very easy to handle and is portable so that the user can carry anywhere as per their requirement and convenience.


 When it comes to Blade lot of people look into the issue is the durability of a blade. However the blade of this model is made up of hard chrome which provides extra strength and durability to the shears while cutting the tall shrubs. It is very easy to handle so the user can work for many hours without any difficulty. It is extensively made for both professional and individual people who are interested in making the lawn and surroundings clean.
ars 28- to 41-1/2-inch hedge shears hs-k900z

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  • Ergonomically Design
  • It weighs about 2.16 Pounds
  • It can extend from 28 to 41 ½ inch hedge shears 
  • Used for cutting tall and thick shrubs
  • Easy of use and portability
  • Shears are pair and it has a slightly curved blades
  • It has a hard chrome plated blade with Aesthetic appeal


  • Not Advertised much in the market.


So far we reviewed many brands and products. But ars 28- to 41-1/2-inch hedge shears hs-k900z has a lot of demand in the market. It is a high graded professional telescopic head shears and is appropriate to cut tall and thick branches. Not all saw fit with our requirements. Each saw has its own specification, pros, cons and features. You need to choose one among them based on your needs. I Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or Queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry Form.



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