26 Foot Length Tree Pole Pruner Tree Saw Garden Tools Loppers Hand Pole Saws Review

26 Foot Length Tree Pole Pruner Tree Saw Garden Tools Loppers

There are n number of Pole Saws are available in the Market nowadays. Picking a right pole saw as per your requirements is too tricky. Now every manufacturing industry is coming up with low cost and less durability raw materials. Getting a good Pole Saw is really tougher and tougher these Days. I was looking for a long pole saw to cut my palm trees. There are more number of saws are available but not reaching more than 24 feet. Surprisingly, one of my friends referred this pole saw and that is 26 Foot Length Tree Pole pruner hand Saw from Garden Tools. It can extend up to 26 feet so it can cut or trim the branches like palm trees. Finally I got this Pole saw that fits with my requirements and I would like to share my experience about the product in this article. If you are searching for the same sort of requirement then this is a perfect choice for you. Let’s get in to the article. 

You can combine the pole saw at the edge as it has a Pruning feature in it which consists of different poles. So you will have a base and head that can extensively reach up to 26 feet tall branches. The disadvantage about this product material is you have to sit back and measure the height. You have to adjust the height of pole saw as per your usage and convenience. Though you can hold and easily remove it as many times as you want. The pruner is combined with head and the saw is directly attached with the pruner. This can be done by simply adjusting the screws. So it is easy to complete the task on time. 

26 Foot Length Tree Pole Pruner Tree Saw Garden Tools Loppers Hand Pole Saws

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It has 4cm thickness which is roughly close to 1.5 inches. I was very much impressed by this product and its durability. It is said to be one of the largest Hand Pole saw in the Market to cut trees or branches. This pole saw also has a scissor which can cut up to 2cm branch with 2mm thickness. If you look at the picture, a guy standing and cutting the branches that is balanced in between with two bricks. Detaching 14 inches saw blade is optional for you to cut large and thick tree branches.


  • Saw can extends up to 26 Feet in length
  • Longest Saw available in the Market.
  • It has 4 cm thickness which is higher comparatively with other saw
  • Ergonomically Design
  • Has scissor on its head
  • Consists of 2MM Thickness and is highly Durable.


  • Expensive but worth for Quality
  • Not Advertised much in the Market.


There is a lot of demand for this kind of Pole Saw. The reason is that many tool manufacturers produce pole saw less than the minimal length as a maximum of 24 feet. So I strongly recommend this pole saw for people who are in need of cutting large branches in forestry area, park Areas or in your Backyard, Lawn or Garden this is extensively made for you. Don’t miss this product. Hope you enjoyed this article. For any suggestions or Queries feel free to contact us through our Enquiry form.


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